I'm Nathaly

I'm curious. Travel has always given me another way to expand my knowledge of the world; being on the move is a response to my unquenchable thirst for seeing and understanding different ways of living. My wanderlust is a way of exposing myself to cultures, worldviews, perspectives and different realities.

The more I travel, the wider the range of stories I come across with. So I decided to start this blog to share some of these stories with the world.

Take a look, be inspired, and know that traveling is more a matter of courage than of money.

From photos to stories

Just last year, I was leaving for a three-month road trip to the northwest of South America. I would live in the back of my car and spend some nights deep into nature and far from reception.

Naturally, some people around me were concerned about my safety (nothing to fear, I assure you!) so I decided to start an Instagram account to update every one of my whereabouts without having to worry too much about keeping close in touch-- I wanted to minimize tech-time and get the most of real-time.

Then, Instagram became a way to share another one of my passions: travel and conservation photography. But photos come with stories, and most of them simply didn't fit in the photo's description, so this blog came soon afterward.

If you want to check out where it all started, say hi @world.journeys (link below!)


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